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At Hopeful Tails, our partners are our backbone. We couldn’t do what we do without their ongoing support and dedication. We work with a variety of supply, rescue, and vet partners – both community-based and abroad – to help us meet our goals of ensuring every dog’s story is a hopeful tale.

Rescue Partners

IFAW - Northern Dog Project

First Nations in Canada are often in remote places, hours away from veterinarian assistance. So, in many First Nations communities, dogs are found roaming in the street. Left with few options, some communities culled their dog populations, leaving people and animals traumatized.

Many communities wanted another option – that’s how IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project began. First, they built relationships with First Nations across the country to understand challenges, then together they built a comprehensive program to address the issues.

Today, they offer veterinary services, culturally relevant education, and real-life solutions for communities that otherwise would not have them. Over 20 years, the Northern Dog Project has created an everyday impact. Fewer puppies are being born, and fewer are dying from disease and starvation.

IFAW’s Northern Dog Project empowers First Nations in Canada to thrive together with dogs.

Learn more about IFAW’s Northern Dog Project.

SXM Paws

SXM PAWS is a Non-Profit Organization that is completely volunteer-based dedicated to helping the island animals on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. They rely on a network of fellow animal lovers who help our rescued animals by giving them a foster home in which they can be loved until their forever home is found. In 2019, SXM opened up a small adoption center where people in the community can volunteer and meet some of the lovely rescues that they have in their group. Located in Cay Bay next to The Island Vet.

All their rescued animals are vet checked, treated, and sterilized accordingly. Forever homes are screened and many of their animals are shipped overseas to loving homes found on Facebook, through referrals, and their large extended families who have supported and adopted from them. Along with the animals they are able to bring in, they feed strays within the community as well as try to help provide medical treatment when needed. These dogs are accompanied by a volunteer Flight Angel to ensure their safe travels.

Learn more about SXM Paws.

Rays of Hope Bahrain

Rays of Hope Bahrain believes that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering! Every animal deserves a long, happy and healthy life. … and every dog deserves a good home! The enormous number of stray dogs in Bahrain and the suffering that they endure is so heartbreaking. They suffer hugely at the hands of some humans in Bahrain who treat them in such cruel, heartless, and sometimes unbelievably inhumane ways. The majority of these homeless and voiceless souls do not survive long here due to their extremely harsh living conditions.

The Rays of Hope cause is trying to give homeless and injured stray dogs in Bahrain a hope and chance for a good life. Rays of Hope collaborates with like-minded animal lovers rescue centers that are dedicated to being a voice for those who cannot speak, to save them from the neglect, abuse, and hopelessness they are in; to a life of new beginning and promise. The dogs are completely vetted before being sent to Canada to join rescue groups that help with finding their forever homes. These dogs are accompanied by a volunteer Flight Angel to ensure their safe travels.

Learn more about Rays of hope Bahrain.

Vet Partners

Our vet partners are our heroes! We work with various clinics across Toronto and surrounding areas that work tirelessly to provide essential medical and dental care to our dogs. They help us help dogs live their happiest, healthiest lives so they are able to thrive in their forever home. Meet our vet partners:‚Äč

Beaches Animal Hospital
2304 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1G8.
To learn more about Beaches Animal Hospital, visit their website.

Thornbury Veterinary Hospital
75 King Street East, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0.
To learn more about Thornbury Veterinary Hospital, visit their website.

Yonge Davenport Pet Hospital
885 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4W 2H2.
To learn more about Yonge Davenport Pet Hospital, visit their website.

Bayview Hill Animal Hospital
9912 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 2L3.
To learn more about Bayview Hill Animal Hospital, visit their website.

Supply and Training Partners

Photography Partners

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