Hi, I’m Tessa!
Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Months
Size/Weight: Medium, Approx 12 kgs
Breed: Spaniel/Hound
Bio: Dog friendly | good with children | thrives outdoors | from Greece | puppy energy | would do well in a home alone or with a companion |

My Story

Tessa was our last dog to arrive from Greece and she is so beautiful! 

This active girl loves her family and adores her foster siblings. In fact there is little Tessa doesn’t like. She is very smart, picks up commands quickly and knows sit, come and down, all within a few days and a new language. Tessa is currently 12 kilograms and about 8 months old. So she will be a medium sized dog at maturity. She get along well with cats and would love another canine sibling, one who can match her energy level. Tessa was just spayed and will be ready to join her new family soon.

She is a great companion and will continue to thrive in the right environment-an active family, people home more than not, another dog and if children, older than 10 years, due to her exuberance and silly puppy antics.

Are you interested in adopting me?

Do you want additional information to help determine if your family is the right fit for me? Please reach out to the amazing volunteers at info@hopefultailsdogrescue.com. They know all about me and are happy to help answer any questions that you may have. Please remember to mention my name in the subject line or body of your email!

No further questions and you’re ready to apply? Fill out an adoption application today.

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