Hi, I’m Barry!
Status: Adopted
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
Size/Weight: 12 kg approx
Breed: Whippet cross
Bio: Medium energy level | Best snuggle buddy | would love a fenced yard | another dog in the house | Dog friendly | Cat untested | Needs weekly physiotherapy (initially) for a few weeks then biweekly thereafter

My Story

Barry had come to us needing orthopaedic surgery to repair a break in his leg (https://bit.ly/40BlHKQ) He has received the surgery that he needed and has come a long way since then. He is scheduled for his post op check and X-rays soon but it is time to find Barry his new home. Barry is now a year old, about 12 kg, and is still very puppyish, full of kisses, loves his squeaky toys and other dogs. He is incredibly sweet and although initially shy, he warms up quickly and will soon be your shadow.

Due to the injury being an older one, Barry will require some physiotherapy to help regain muscle strength in his leg. We have a physiotherapist lined up to help him, but she is located in North Toronto. He will require weekly visits initially and then every two weeks thereafter until the physiotherapist deems him fit enough to live his best life. Barry would love to find his forever family or one committed to foster to adopt in the GTA so that he can receive the treatment he needs. 

Barry’s ideal wish list: 

* fenced yard 

* another dog in the home or plenty of interactions with another dog

* people who want a sofa companion, who is in need of a snuggle buddy to watch Netflix with 

 Could you be Barry’s happily ever after? 

Are you interested in adopting me?

Do you want additional information to help determine if your family is the right fit for me? Please reach out to the amazing volunteers at info@hopefultailsdogrescue.com. They know all about me and are happy to help answer any questions that you may have. Please remember to mention my name in the subject line or body of your email!

No further questions and you’re ready to apply? Fill out an adoption application today.

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